Saturday, March 25, 2017

That is 'Y'

Spring has given its way to Summer!

So much happened in almost all spheres from the last time I wrote a post. Some exciting, some depressing, some debatable and some appreciable. There are times that you just keep silent for the whole wave of changes to pass through. Right on the sea shore, looking at the turbulent sea, waves at far length pushing the preceding ones. One in seven shaping up and then dissolving half way through. Have you ever waited on the sand for the big one to come and drench you! May be yes, may be no. I am quite a lazy vacationer. Had always felt happy with the foaming waves washing my bare feet. But that’s my benchmark. Beyond that had been someone else’s pleasure. Countering the big waves have seen many swimming the tides. Palpable joy and loud adventure. It can be so different between a few feet of distance. Same backdrop of clear sky, blue horizon and the inviting water. The motion is on however acts are different. 

Well, I am right here in my city and sea is just in imagination. That’s the therapy as the facts of daily living certainly is not that pleasurable in general. Accidents, Agitation and Anger overcast. No, nothing wrong with me in person! Just that we are living times when Rocket Science is doable, predicable, successful but social science is a lost book. We embrace the waves of change that were so inviting with knowledge and often without knowledge. It had given each of us some mileage. In the spree of changing in all dimension of life we progressed … yes, a lot, to reach new destinations but we lost something very important– which was obvious. And surprisingly this lost component is constantly moving with many of us searching for relevance.

Silent Riverside (Self clicked)
The other day was in an Uber. An old man reached my place picture perfect with a well-maintained car. But natural we got stuck in traffic. The pulse of the rally of vehicles can be only described by saying – “All the busiest persons of the city have hit the road late’. In the conditioned car, we started conversing. He spoke in natural good Hindi and I continued in broken Hindi glued with English.
After a general opinion about e-wallet, recent poll results, mobile apps the grandfather of four said – ‘Life has offered more options, just that in the run of life the overall joy of simple things have vanished’.

This provoked me to ask him what does he miss the most. His answer stayed back with me. He was very candid and started saying – ‘Everyone in home is now someone, they have an identity. And maintaining identity steals time out of life.’

‘..Fursath ki time par sab ka budget ho gaya!’ He was an ordinary but his dialogues resonated another ordinary.

He continued… It was a monologue mostly but I listened as it sounded real and simple. Interesting stories of learning app to earn more. And that he has gathered enough acumen to handle mobile features. Quest for learning was appreciable. But the pain that followed was not what I expected.  He said – ‘I now follow this mobile better than my grandchildren.’

And after a few seconds of silence he said - ‘We have a small house, but many worlds co-exist in it. We hardly make in-roads to each other’s world as the dictionary and the diction are both different. This is that change that am yet to handle well!’

The traffic was heavy on and off. Quite a distance got covered. The old man too took a pause and slowly pressed the button on dashboard. A sweet voice touched the ears. ‘…Chayalok meye…’ The car accelerated as the hero narrated the script in his baritone voice and the music picked up…” Yeh kahan aa gaye hum…Yunhi saath saath chalte.. The change that is constantly griping you for some cause often pushes you to leave behind something you longed for… Yes, the change is that you opted for peace or pleasure and the pain is what you left behind as constant. No wonder that’s the reason 'y' equals to f(x) looks incomplete without the + c. 

 The destination arrived. It was time to move on.

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